Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New Bar/Saddle Bag Design.

Boxy Bar/Saddle Bag

While I like rolltop designs and traditional randonneur bag closure systems, I've been playing around with zipper closures on bags. I tested out a couple designs and settled on a bag size that is basically the same volume as the mini rando bag I make. It fits nicely under upright bars and most likely would play nice with drop bars with a long stem and non-aero brake cable routing.
What started out as a dedicated front bar bag easily became a saddlebag as well by having straps spaced for Brooks saddles. So it works well up front as a bar bag, or in back as a saddlebag.
This one has side sleeves and premium leather (both options slight upcharges from the base price).

Available as a made to order bag here:

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  1. Impressive work! Can't wait to see it on my bike.